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Microsoft Access is an information management tool that helps you store information for reporting and analysis

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Microsoft Access 2019 – Product Key

Access 2019 key

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Download Access 2019

Download Access 2019 ISO image directly without ads and without viruses. Just click on the link below:

Download Access 2019



Since Microsoft Access is a relational database application included in the Microsoft Office Suite that enables users to enter, manage, and run reports on a larger scale, it is best suited for those who need to quickly organize a large amount of data.

It falls somewhere between Excel, which is ideal for individuals with a small data warehouse, and SQL servers, which are necessary for larger, corporate teams.

With the help of Microsoft Access, users can efficiently manage important information by conveniently storing it for future reference, reporting, and analysis. As its name implies, users will have access to the information organized in its database with minimal effort.


Microsoft Access features

  • Ideal for individual users and small teams
  • Easier to understand and use than the client-server database
  • Import and export to other Microsoft Office applications and other applications
  • Ready-made templates for regular users to create and publish data
  • Effortlessly build and publish databases on the web
  • An easy-to-use ‘Tell Me’ function for assistance
  • Allows developers to create custom solutions using VBA code
  • Option to hide / show the ribbon
  • Allow users to view reports Remove additional reports
  • Allows the output of reports in PDF format


Ideal for individual users and small teams

Microsoft Access is a simple desktop application that does not require any specific hardware or license to function. Therefore, it is ideal for individual users and small teams that do not require larger and complicated databases for an additional price.

Microsoft Access offers many advantages over database solutions compared to SQL Server and Oracle, where the need for databases is not very high. Many small teams can now avoid purchasing massive resources for their basic and simple needs with the help of Microsoft Access.


Easier to understand and use than the client-server database

Personal computer applications like Microsoft Access have taken over many applications that were previously relegated to the client-server database in the past. Access users do not need to receive any special training to acquire the knowledge necessary to use the application.

Many users have taught themselves to use Microsoft Access for their individual needs. Creating and managing the database is quite straightforward and easy with the help of a set of well-organized and readily available templates that will be discussed later in this article.


Import and export to other Microsoft Office applications and other applications

One of the most useful features of Microsoft Access is its ability to interact with data from many other programs.

It is also easier to combine data that was created in other programs, transfer data between two other programs, or accumulate and store data for the long term, occasionally exporting the data to other programs such as Excel for analysis.

With Microsoft Access there are several ways to effortlessly copy an object, such as a table or a form, from one database to another. Besides copying and pasting an object, Microsoft Access also allows you to export an object that comes with more options.


Ready-made templates for regular users to create and publish data

Microsoft Access helps users create and manage databases, even if they have minimal experience in this field. This is possible with the help of various Microsoft Access templates that have everything ready for use.

By opening a specific template file, the user finds a new database with tables, forms, macros, reports, and other required fields that is already created, saving time and effort.

The template gallery conveniently comprises both desktop templates and web-based templates for the user to choose from. To create an Access database for personal use, the best option would be to go with a desktop template.


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License details

• Brand: Microsoft

• Format: Single use digital license

• Compatibility: 32-bit and 64-bit

• License Type: Perpetual

• Program type: Data management application

• Users supported: 1 User

• Activation available in: Worldwide

• Estimated delivery time: 30 Minutes

• Language: Available in all languages (it is possible to change language settings after installation; additional language packs are also available to be downloaded and installed separately)


System requirements

• Processor: 1.0 GHz minimum processing speed

• Memory: Minimum memory of 1 GB for 32 bit, or 2 GB for 64 bit

• Hard disk space: 3 GB of hard drive space

Graphics: Required DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0 orhigher for Windows 10 (or WDDM 1.3 or higher for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update).

• Required connectivity: Internet access

• OS Version:  Windows 10, Windows Server 2019



Download Access 2019 ISO image directly without ads and without viruses. Just click on the link below:

Download Access 2019



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